Are you the owner of an independent Culligan dealership? Success is a result of a unified voice and independent dealers working together from across North America to ensure quality products and services.

CDANA is an organization working to assist and maintain high standards for our dealerships and to provide a positive and strong voice to corporate Culligan U.S.A.

CDANA is committed to providing members with information needed to succeed in a competitive and highly marketed industry.

Whether it's information, education, quality control, representation, networking, or sharing experience and ideas, CDANA is behind its members.

Join the important and vital group today and become part of the independent Culligan dealers united voice for progress.

Member Benefits!


  • United Voice of Independent Culligan Dealers
  • Annual Convention & Product Fair
  • Culligan Connection Magazine (published four times a year)
  • CDANA Annual Roster of Membership
  • CDANA Website and ListServ
  • CDANA Member LogIn Website Services
  • Group Insurance Program
  • Member Recruitment Promotional Packet
  • Presentation Library
  • Allied Purchasing
  • Bank of America Credit Card Services Program

CDANA Board of Directors Listing!

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