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Culligan Connection Newsletter is the professional organizational communication media for all Culligan Dealers in North America, Inc. Four times per year Culligan Connection features informational and educational articles of interest to all phases of the independent Culligan dealer operation. Culligan Connection includes timely information covering issues, events, people, companies, products, and services. Culligan Connection is the perfect connection to independent Culligan dealers. Culligan Connection is a JSJ Productions, Inc. trade publication and is provided complimentary to all independent Culligan dealers of North America. It also goes to paying subscribers.

Publication Schedule

• May 28, 2004
• July 30, 2004        
• October 30, 2004        
• December 30, 2004

Classified Advertising

$1.00 per word ($35.00 minimum charge)

Blind box: $10.00 service charge added to rate.

Terms: all classified ads must be paid in advance.

Credit, Payment, Commissions, Discounts

Payment must accompany all insertions unless credit has been established with the publisher. Terms to all advertisers is net 30 days. There are no agency commissions allowed.

Inserts, Collateral Services

Inserts are available. Contact the publisher.

All space reservation, insertion orders, advertising material, and correspondence pertaining to advertising should be directed to Culligan Connection at the following address:

JSJ Productions, Inc.

14101 Highway 290 W, Building 900 B

Austin, TX 78737

512.894.4106 • Fax: 512.858.0486

Black Only
2 Page Spread
Full Page
2/3 Page
1/2 Page Vertical
1/3 Page  
1/4 Page 
1/6 Page    
1/8 Page  

Additional Colors (per ad)

One screen              $100.00

Two screen colors     $200.00

Three screen colors   $300.00

Four color process     $400.00

Note: Advertiser is responsible for providing color separated film negatives RRED (right reading, emulsion down) with a matchprint or equivalent for color proofing.

Mechanical Requirements

Link to PDF File

Additional Subscriptions

Additional subscriptions are available at $15.00 per year US and $30.00 Mexico, Canada, and overseas.


Culligan Connection is a controlled circulation newsletter reaching all independent Culligan dealers in North America. A publisher’s sworn statement of circulation is available upon request.

Copy and Contract Regulations

The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement at any time. Advertisers and advertising agencies shall assume liability for all content (including text, representation, and illustrations) of advertisements printed and shall assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the publisher.

The publisher will not be bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on copy instructions when such conditions conflict with the regulations set forth on this rate sheet. Cancellations must be in writing, and none is considered accepted until confirmed by the publisher.

The publisher shall not be liable for any failure to print, publish, or circulate all or any portion of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained because of acts of God, acts of government, or governmental instrumentality (whether federal, state, or local), strikes, accidents, work stoppages, fire, or any similar or dissimilar circumstances beyond the control of the publisher.

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